Sunday, May 16, 2010

Contemplating... what is my role in this house?

Gotta stay close to mom....

This is it... this pug knows his place!......


  1. Our roles is to keep our eyes out for others and snuggling mom!!!

    Sequoia and Tuni

  2. Yes...we rules the roost...why? Because they buy our food, rub our bellies on demand, and wipe our tushies. Yes...I agree...we are Napugeons!
    -The Slimmer Pugs

  3. You are the princess!! And make sure your Mommy fluffs your pillows and offers you massage!!
    Loves, Josie Izzy Anakin

  4. Hi my Pretty Maggie!

    I have a big role in my house. I have to watch over my canine and feline siblings. I have to keep my Mommy warm when she's sitting on the sofa. I have to walk Mommy and Daddy so that they get their exercise. I have to do training with them so that they give me treats. And I have to watch them closely when they eat. Whew - it's a LOT of work!

    I miss you! I cuddle my pink bunny at night and think of you!

    Loving and Missing my Maggie,
    ~ Apollo

  5. Apollo! I miss you too, Mommy took away my blue bunny which is like your pink one because stuffing is coming out (guess I loved it a bit too hard...blush....), she promises to fix it though....

    Yes! watching closely for food is exhausting..., Mommy always puts me back far away too (sigh).. I want to get close to that food!!

    Did you hear about Anakin? Poor guy!! Mommy says that's why she guards her chicken so close but I still watch close and hope (good thing Mom guards well).

    Looking forward to seeing you again (sigh)

  6. No I didn't hear about Anakin, so I went and looked at his blog. Poor buddy! My Mommy is so paranoid about food; she's so afraid I'll get into bad things. I ate the spoon part of a wooden spoon, and Mommy FREAKED! She had my vet paged and everything. She was ready to drive me an hour up to Indy to an emergency hospital. But since the little bit of wood that Mommy pulled out of my mouth was chewed up, the vet said that it might not be too pokey. She told Mommy to stuff me like a goose with bread in hopes that the wood would be stuck in the bread and pass through my body safely. So I FINALLY got to see what bread tastes like cause Mommy gave me half a loaf of Italian bread! Luckily, it all passed okay, so I didn't have to have surgery. But it sure scared both of us.

    I can't wait to see you again too! I hope to see you at the next Indy Pug Meet-Up on June 5th. Don't forget that the time changed so that it's at 10am now.